Hi! I’m Kaitee. I like to paint! Click: Kaitee Page Art. I also sing and write songs and play piano, viola, violin, guitar, & keys. I also write poems. Click: Lunic

I was born and raised in upstate New York, but I have also lived in New York City, Nashville, London, Montréal, Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hoboken, Dallas, & San Diego. I feel lucky. And happy!

I an currently living in San Diego, painting, writing, reading, running, racing 5Ks, spending time with old friends, and making new ones. I love to travel (sometimes).

So far I have visited 25 countries, the most recent being Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, and Austria. Click: http://goo.gl/9ijadx I hope to see many more before I die. Next on the list are hopefully Guatemala, Iceland, and Portugal.

I am also working on a new album, among other things… Click: Not My President (Demo). I am in no rush. I’ll release a new song whenever I get around to it.

I think.

Basically I just want to share my art and music with the world, and hopefully impact people in a positive way 🙂

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